Pantyhose (Close Toe)

Pantyhose (Close Toe)

Finally, there is a sheer pantyhose you can feel confident and comfortable in all day, every day. Sigvaris 750 MidSheer pantyhose are beautiful, semi-transparent hosiery that support your legs all day with energizing 20-30mmHg graduated compression. MidSheer hosiery glides on easily with a luxurious feel from the double-covered yarns, which prevent your skin from touching bare spandex. Sigvaris 750 MidSheer pantyhose feature: (1) consistent sheerness from ankle to thigh to keep your legs looking beautiful; (2) excellent breathability and moisture management to keep your legs dry and feeling great; (3) durable, stretchable material that resists runs and tears; (4) 20-30 mmHg compression for moderate swelling and edema, varicose veins, and tired, heavy legs.


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